Riverhill Himalayan Gardens

We first visited these gardens about six years ago, after it was featured on TV, as a large renovation project was started. Some parts of the garden have stayed more or less the same since then (see above), but a lot of hard work has gone on, for example The Walled Garden:

which is also used for events such as theatre and jazz. It also has some great vegetable beds – I didn’t photograph those as at the time we were there at least two families were studying and exploring how different herbs and vegetables were growing. The sculpture and water feature is brilliant, with the sculpture moved out of the way for the theatre productions.

The repair of the wall by the house and old tennis courts, and the summerhouse, were also recent additions. Last time we visited we were able to picnic in the garden next to the house, but this is now private, only open on special charity days. Well done to The Rogers family for putting up with the public while trying to save the gardens for the future.

The most lovely bit was seeing the sculptures   around the gardens. Here are some of them:

and they are for sale apparently. There was also a chance to check on the maze which was only just planted on our last visit, and the other flower beds. Last time we visited in May, so had a completely different floral experience.

Well worth a visit, there are various events on during the summer, with the gardens closed from mid September through to next spring. It has also reminded me we must catch up on the other Victorian restoration project at The Walled Nursery, Hawkhurst

P.S. Also – visit the cafe, although picnics are welcome!


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